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A small collection of bookmarklets for social websites.

GraphFi is a visualization/navigation tool for metafilter. It displays a chart indicating the number of times a comment has been favorited and the reply/quoting relationships between comments. It also inserts anchor links and replies into the comment feed to assist with "threading".

Drag this bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar, or right-click and "bookmark this".

When in a metafilter discussion, click it to augment the page. Works on any metafilter post page (talk, blue, green, etc); most useful in larger threads (50+ comments).

NOTE: will not function properly in Internet Explorer of any version (not even IE9).


Adds a tiny icon B.A.N.A.N.A.S to the twitters' favicon showing the number of unread tweets.

Drag bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar, or right-click and "bookmark this".


When you're on twitter, and twitter is all like

twit happens
its toolbar is then all like
mah twits

But if you're using pinned tabs, or if the tab bar gets crowded, then the toolbar is all like boring , and you can't see how many twits you've got.

We can do better! if you click this bookmarklet when you're on twitter (and you are using firefox/chrome), twitter will be all like:
Lookie little red number
and the collapsed toolbar will be all This twit is bananas , ergo, win.

Built with the awesome Tinycon.